If you are thinking about moving in 2023, there's plenty of time left to get that relocation completed. However, you might find that there are certain "times" of the year that are best for moving over others depending on your unique situation.

Moving in General

Peak moving season from year-to-year is usually May through September. In North America, these are the warmer months when the weather is nice. It makes sense that anyone would want to move their belongings during good weather. Plus, this is when most people have time available to complete a relocation.

If you want to avoid the rush, consider hiring your residential moving company during March or April. You can also make that move in Fall before the weather turns too cold.

Moving with Kids

The best time for families to move is going to be between school years. Most schools let out in late May through June and classes start again in August or September. If you want the children to be able to start fresh at the beginning of a school year, then moving in June or July is your best bet.

Moving House

When you move house will largely depend on when your new home is available. But, if you are still shopping around for a property, you can usually make your best deals in winter when the housing market slows down. This is a great time to find a home in a new area, especially if the local market is highly competitive.

Moving an Apartment

There are multiple times of year when you might want to move from or into an apartment. Winter is also a good time for apartment hunting as most people have settled into their apartments until the warmer season. Moving in spring is another compelling option as this is when more apartments open up because other people are moving out of them. You just want to avoid moving in the middle of summer when the competition for good apartments is highest.

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