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For records management and storage, look no further than Prestige Moving & Storage, Co.. We realize that in spite of today's technology, hard-copy documentation is still a very real concern for many companies. Archived records or files that do not need to be accessed on a daily basis must be stored in a safe, clean and secure environment. Easy access is also important when you need to recover those files.

Document Storage and Management with Prestige

Many companies maintain their record storage within their own facility or rent a garage or mini-storage to handle this need. In most cases, that is more expensive and less secure than warehouse storage. In addition, you often have personnel managing your record storage that do not have the time or expertise to maintain control and disposal of these materials efficiently. Prestige Moving & Storage, Co. provides professional, secure storage with accurate, efficient maintenance of your records.

Records Storage Warehouses in Portland and Bend

Our warehouses located in the Portland metro area and in Bend are state-of-the-art. Both facilities have flexible, customized space available for just a few cartons or for several thousands of cartons. These facilities are fire protected, climate-controlled and access controlled, so that you can feel at-ease about where and how these sensitive documents are stored. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access your files and any document destruction must be monitored and approved by your company. Record storage inventories are maintained on our computer system and we provide records management reports specific needs.

Document Storage with Prestige for Secure Storage

Whether your company requires monthly activity reports or weekly updates, we can provide exactly what you need. Prestige Moving & Storage, Co. also delivers, does pickup and can fax documents to your office. Depending on your specific needs, Prestige will transport or deliver documents either on a scheduled weekly plan or call-in basis. In addition, we supply all the necessary cartons required and can help you set up an inventory system if you do not already have one. For safe, secure records management and storage, trust Prestige Moving & Storage, Co..

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