If you are prepping for a winter move it is important to think through your preparations. Prestige Moving and Storage wants to offer some helpful tips to making your winter move successful. Do not hesitate to call us with any additional winter moving questions.

1. Check the Weather

If you are planning a do-it-yourself winter move it is best to map out a plan of action based on the weather. You do not want to be moving in the middle of a snowstorm. Check your ten-day weather forecast and try to plan out a handful of days that would work best for your Local Moving team. Always think twice before moving during a snowstorm, and make sure to have all of your items properly covered and packed so the wetness or cold does not ruin anything. 

2. Make a Clear Pathway

Having a clear moving path is always the safest course of action when moving in and out of a home. This also can relate to any snow you may have around your home. A couple days before your moving team gets to your home it is a good idea to shovel out a path that will go from your front door or garage directly to your moving van. If more snow or cold weather is forecast, it is also a good idea to salt these areas. You do not want anyone falling and getting hurt or breaking your fragile items during your residential move.

3. Protect Your Floors and Home

Snow and mud can ruin the carpeting and floors in your sold or brand-new home. It is important to take measures to protect your flooring before you start transporting in and out different items. Our residential moving and storage company recommends getting floor mats to put at all the entrances to your home. You can also get plastic tarps to protect wood and tile flooring and prevent slipping. For carpeted areas we recommend using cardboard sheets to protect your flooring.

4. Have Winter Items Readily Available

When you are trying to complete a move in the middle of snow season, you never know when you will need a shovel or winter gear. Make sure you prep your entire moving team to have their winter gear ready and on hand. If you have extra items lying around your house pull them out so your moving team can stay safe from the cold.

5. Winterize Your Moving Vehicle

It is always recommended to winterize your vehicles before attempting a winter move. With moving heavy items and slippery road conditions, moving can be dangerous in an average vehicle. Whether you are renting a moving truck or using a truck of your own, ask about the state of the wheels and how they work in the snow. 

Prestige Moving and Storage would also love to help you during your next winter move. Our professional moving company can help you attain all five of these tips in a seamless manner. Call us today for a free estimate service.