When it comes time to move, the garage can quickly become overwhelming. Just knowing where to start is the first step toward this battle. In this blog post, we will look at some of the more common things in an average garage, and the steps you can take to make conquering this task a little easier. Here are common items in the garage that present a challenge for disposal or moving.

Cars and Automobiles

This is probably the most common thing found in a garage; it is, after all, the main point of the building. If you are one of those who keep a classic car hidden away in your garage, or you just don't have the extra hands to drive your car to your new home, there is a solution. Most professional moving trailers have the space and capacity to haul a car in the back. This is an excellent way to move your vehicle on your move without having to add any unnecessary mileage to your car, especially if your move is over long distances. Another tip would be to purchase any extra coverage your moving company may offer. That way, if an accident were to occur, then you know that you will be covered.

Grills and Griddles

This is a pretty simple thing to take care of when you are moving. All you need to do is ensure that the wheels are locked and strapped to keep anything from rolling around. For an additional safety precaution, you can remove the grates inside your grill to prevent any unforeseen damage. If you use a propane grill, it is suggested that you don't travel with any propane tanks for safety reasons. Most places that sell propane will purchase your tank from you.

Paint and Flammable Liquids

These items are probably the easiest to deal with when moving. The quick answer is you don't. Much like the propane tanks, it is not recommended to move with these items for safety reasons. Contact your local establishments and find one that will adequately dispose of them for you.


You may look at your motorcycle and think that it wouldn't take up that much room on your moving trailer and that you can just park it in there. That would not be the wisest of decisions. Motorcycles are extremely easy to tip over, especially in a moving trailer. It would be best to contact your local professional moving company, Prestige Moving and Storage, to set up a custom crating option. It will be strapped down while inside the crate and offer the most protection for your motorcycle.

Tools and Accessories

Most modern tool chests have the ability to lock all of the drawers and doors. This will make moving them more manageable, you can simply roll them onto the moving truck, and that is it. Double check that everything is appropriately locked when you get it in position on the trailer. You don't want your tools to fly out, causing damage to anything they hit. However, your larger power tools that stand freely on the ground might benefit from a crate like your motorcycle to offer the most security.

Lawnmowers and Other Landscaping Tools

These items are built pretty sturdily. Find a spot on the moving trailer and ensure they are secured. If you are, however, moving to a residence where you no longer need to need these items, consider selling them before you move or donating them. It doesn't make too much sense to take them with you if you don't need them.

Any Unwanted Items

There is a large number of people that this happens to. You stash some random lesser used items in your garage, and that pile has tripled in size when you need to pack it away and move. In reality, you don't need to pack them at all; there are a few things that you can do with these things. The items that are in good working order can always be donated to local charities that could benefit from them. Any larger metallic items you don't want to move with can get you some extra spending cash. Most scrapyards will pay you money for any larger scrap metal items that you don't want. 

Legacy Moving and Storage

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