A smooth relocation takes a lot more planning and preparation than you might realize. For one, there are a handful of different options when it comes to moving boxes and choosing the right one really does make a difference.

Standard Boxes

The most common moving boxes come in three standard sizes: small, medium, and large.

Large Boxes

Just because it’s a big box doesn’t mean you should fill it to the top with random things. There is a better way to utilize its larger size. Use these to pack your bulky yet lighter items. Things like comforters and pillows will fit great in these boxes.

Medium Boxes

These are the most versatile boxes to use. They do hold most anything just be careful to keep things organized and don’t over fill. You run the risk of over doing the weight limits of the box and the bottom could give out.

Small Boxes

If you are moving with heavy things like books this is the box to use. Any smaller items left that you need to keep grouped together should go in these as well.

Special Boxes to Tackle Special Jobs

People have moving using modern methods for well more than a century. During that time, we’ve found a few things that tend to be a little more challenging to pack. From kitchen dishes to a closet full of clothes, these specialty moves boxes will help you get the job done.

Dish Pack Boxes

To keep your dishes and glassware safe use these boxes. They have dividers built in that keep them safe from damage and breaking.

Wardrobe Boxes

Everyone has that one formal outfit they need to protect from damage and wrinkles. These are a great choice they are built long so the outfit fits, it also has a rod at the top so you can safely hang your clothes.

Electronics Boxes

These are built with thicker walls so they can offer extra protection for your devices. Such as radios, video game systems, PCs and monitors.

TV Boxes

These are built to hold your large flat screen televisions. And for extra security while carrying and moving the boxes are usually built with handles in them.

Mattress Bag and Boxes

Mattresses are big, bulky and hard to move. Bags will help with protect your mattresses and box springs from getting dirty. But if you pay a little extra you can get properly sized boxes. This adds a bit more protection and like the TV boxes have handles to help with carrying.

Picture and Mirror Boxes

Mirrors are very fragile and needs to be packed away with these boxes. They are made to protect your mirrors and your wall art that you want to keep safe.

Extra Tall Boxes

We all have those possessions that are really tall and impossible to fit in most boxes. Things like floor lamps are a good example of this.

File Boxes

Most people will likely keep their paperwork in the desk and filing cabinet to save time. Not only does this just make those items heavier and harder to move, you run the chance of your drawers opening and send your paperwork flying through the truck. These boxes keep your files and paperwork secure and organized.

Custom Crating 

There are some items that just won’t fit in a box. If you need custom crating for any objects it’s best to contact your moving company to schedule this. These are used for vehicles you want to protect form having to add the extra miles, or any antique furniture you would like to protect. Custom crating is the best choice for oversized and awkwardly shaped items that otherwise do not fit in a box. 

The Bottom Line on Choosing the Right Moving Box

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