Oftentimes, homeowners don't realize the extent of how many possessions their home truly has. When it comes time to move, you may become overwhelmed by the sheer volume. Storing your home's items in a warehouse is an excellent way to alleviate this stress. Instead of rushing everything into a new home, you can take your time and be more strategic about where everything will go.

Many residential movers like Prestige Moving and Storage also provide their customers with the option of warehouse storage. This is incredibly convenient for families that are already time-crunched by their home relocation. Instead of finding another company and establishing a relationship with them, you can simply reach out to the moving company you're already working with.

Let's check out some of the reasons you might want to utilize warehouse storage and the benefits of doing so.

Reasons for Using Warehouse Storage

There is an endless list of reasons pertaining to why you might want to consider using warehouse storage during your move.

First off, your new home might be significantly smaller than the previous one, and all of your items may not fit. In today's market, home sales often move quickly and you may not have had the opportunity to sell or donate all of your excess items. Along these lines, your new home also may not have closed by the time your previous home sold. If you're waiting to move in and living in a transitory housing situation, you need a place to store all of your home items. Warehouse storage is an excellent option for this, as all of your items are categorically organized and have no chance of being misplaced.

Benefits of Using Storage Services During a Portland Move

If you've decided that using a warehouse storage facility is a necessity for your move, you can be relieved knowing that it comes with a whole host of benefits:

  • As Needed Payment: You only need to pay for the exact amount of time you're storing your items.
  • Fire and Theft Protection: Most storage facilities don't have the disaster and theft protection that a moving company's warehouse does.
  • Temperature Controlled: All of your possessions will be well taken care of with climate-controlled storage.
  • Professionally Delivered: Your moving company will deliver to your new home straight from the warehouse.

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