If you’re gearing up for a big move, you probably have a lot on your plate. But something you just can’t afford to overlook is making sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent any injuries or issues during your big moving day. At Prestige Moving & Storage, we make sure all of our Portland long distance movers are familiar with all of these safety guidelines so that all of our residential moving and commercial moving services go smoothly. 

Preparing Your Body for the Big Day 

One of the most important ways that you can prevent injury during a moving day is by preparing the day before. This means getting plenty of sleep the night before, eating a full and healthy breakfast, and making sure that you are fully hydrated no matter what the weather is. 

You also want to make sure that you are properly dressed for the move. Loose clothing that can snag on corners, but if your clothing is too tight it can be uncomfortable. Find well-fitting clothes that have some give. Wear shoes that fully protect your toes and support your ankles. 

Prepare the Moving Area

To ensure that your Portland residential move goes as smoothly as possible, do some clearing of the area beforehand. If you need to, put some larger items into storage so that you have room to maneuver freely around the space. Make sure all of the pathways where you will entering and exiting during the move are completely cleared. Don’t hesitate to hire residential movers in Portland so that you have all the support you need to complete your move. That way you can prevent yourself from getting burnt out during a long moving day.

Safe Moving Techniques 

Once you’re prepared for moving day, you’ll want to make sure you’re following proper lifting and handling procedures. By doing so, you can prevent any potential muscle strains or injuries. 

At Prestige Moving & Storage, all of our Portland long distance movers follow these guidelines to prevent injury: 

·        When Leaning Down, Bend At the Knees Not the Waist

·        Keep a Wide Stance When Lifting

·        Utilize Dollys, Lifting Straps, or a Hand Truck to Move Heavier Items

·        Lift Slowly and Engage Your Core and Legs 

·        Squat When Setting the Object Down to Offer Support

Reach Out to Prestige Moving & Storage If You Have Any Questions

If you’re a local Portland or Bend resident who’s looking for guidance about how to complete your Portland long distance move or residential move, feel free to reach out to Prestige Moving & Storage. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, including commercial moving, residential moving, and storage. Call now to learn more about our pricing!