No matter where life is taking you next, moving can be stressful. This is especially true when something goes wrong during your move. Imagine how frustrating it would be to arrive to your new home and find out that not all of your items arrived safely. 

Thanks to the Portland long-distance movers at Prestige Moving and Storage, you can finally learn how to properly pack and move your large, fragile items. Our full-service movers share their best moving tips to help you avoid the unwanted stress of damaged or broken items. 

Packing Tips for Avoiding Damaged or Broken Items

By following our expert packing tips, you can rest easy knowing that your large, fragile items have a small chance of being damaged or broken during transport:  

    • Custom Wood Crating: Using custom wood crating for irregularly shaped items will minimize shifting during transport.
    • Take Your Time: When it comes to packing items that can be easily damaged or broken, it’s best to take your time to ensure that everything is safe and secure. 
    • Label Fragile Boxes: By labeling your fragile boxes, you will know exactly which items need special attention when you start loading your moving vehicle. 
    • Fill Extra Gaps: Use newspapers, packing paper, or other soft household items to fill in the extra space in your moving boxes.
    • Moving Blankets: For larger items like mirrors and flat-screen TVs, use moving blankets to add an extra layer of protection.

Other Precautionary Steps You Can Take

Did you know that there are other precautionary steps that you can take to protect your large, fragile items during your upcoming move? Prestige Moving and Storage recommends taking inventory of your items prior to moving day and looking into full valuation coverage. 

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