The environmental issues associated with moving can be forgotten because some homeowners and their movers get lost in the process of transferring every property. However, if you’re wondering how you can deal with vehicle emissions and other considerations like waste from paints, our expert Portland long-distance movers will help you do that. Our tips will help you to drastically reduce the footprints and other environmental issues with your move. Our residential movers in Portland provide tips that help you protect the environment when relocating to your new home: 

How Moving Companies Can Help the Environment

1. Combine Smaller Shipments of Different Customers

On some occasions, different clients move from the same location to another. Rather than move their items individually, you can combine smaller shipments and send them across together. It doesn’t just save on gas usage but also on the emissions such movements are likely to release into the atmosphere. With carbon emissions being one of the most harmful chemicals, a limited number of trips protects the environment. 

2. Use Reusable Wardrobe Boxes

You don’t need to use fresh wardrobe boxes for every move. They can be reused when transporting hangable clothing items. Such boxes, when taken care of, can be used about four times. When disposed of at the first instance after use, they’ll probably end up in landfills, which isn’t good for the environment because they won’t degrade fast enough. 

3. Use Plastic Creates for Employee Workspace Items

Providing plastic crates for employees is a good move. Firstly, it’s easier to get dust, dirt and spills off such containers, and you can always have them sanitized. This way, your employees are always safe. Secondly, they are nice for the environment because they can withstand hot, humid, and cold weather without losing their structural integrity. The best part about plastic crates is that they’re reusable many times. 

4. Adopt Eco-Friendly Moving Practices

As a moving company, you can incorporate eco-friendly moving practices into your operations, including using alternative power such as wind and solar and recycled office products. Others include eco-friendly cleaning supplies and servicing moving trucks in an environmentally responsible manner. 

How Moving Clients Can Help the Environment

1. Dispose of Paint and Gas Residue Responsibly

Moving to a new place sometimes requires a new paint job, cleaning chemicals, and some oils. When there are leftovers of such substances in your home or garage, the best way to get rid of them is by following the local community guidelines. This way, the environment is safe. 

2. Properly Dispose of Unwanted or Spoilt Electronics

E-waste and other electronic equipment like old DVD players, computers, and appliances can be properly disposed of according to local community guidelines. Some parts of such appliances and electronics are recyclable. 

3. Donate Unwanted Items and Clothing 

Have you got clothes you don’t wear anymore and want to throw away? Not so fast. Rather than contribute to damaging the environment, give them away to charity. 

4. Work with Moving Companies That Apply Eco-Friendly Practices

The moving company you choose has an impact on the environment. Ensure the company you engage follows the suggestions outlined above and that they take environmental policies seriously. A good example is having energy-efficient vehicles and taking deliberate steps to curb carbon emissions, coupled with using the shortest routes possible. 

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