Businesses relocate out of state for several reasons and the location you choose depends on your priorities. If saving money and growing a happy team are top shelf concerns for your business, then the office movers at Prestige Moving & Storage offer some insight. Based on business relocation trends and the current tax climate, we have noticed that these states are gaining ground:

  • Nevada
  • Florida
  • North Carolina

Why these states? Here’s what we have found. You can…

Save on Corporate Income Tax

Taxes are a major concern for many businesses, so why not choose a state with a lower corporate income tax? The states listed above are among those with the best tax ratings for businesses according to the Tax Foundation. Take a look and see for yourself. You will find a lot of useful information at the Tax Foundation including a chart detailing the state business tax climate from 2014-2021. 

Retain and Recruit Great Talent

People love states with moderate climates and stunning landscapes. You will get this and more from the states listed here. Why does this matter for your business? For one, if you plan to take your employees with you, they will be excited to relocate to an area that promises a healthy blend of relaxation and fun. These areas are also ideal for recruiting events because the weather is great for large portions of the year. 

Find Trusted Portland Commercial Movers

If a relocation is in the future of your business, find trusted Portland commercial movers that can get the job done right. We hope you will consider working with Prestige Moving & Storage. We are long-term agents for Allied Van Lines, providing us with modern resources for moves of any size and distance. We offer:

  • Personalized Move Management
  • Furniture Moving, Disassembly, and Assembly
  • Electronics Moving 
  • Relocation for Fine Art and Antiques
  • Warehouse Storage

Treat Your Employees with Full-Service Moving

When you need employee relocation services—either as part of your comprehensive moving plan or as a stand-alone service—contact Prestige Moving & Storage. We will treat your employees right while respecting your stringent timeline and budget. Our services include full-service packing, custom crating, furniture padding, short-term storage and more. 

We also coordinate with the Human Resources department for larger corporate relocations. Whatever your needs might be, we have the solution! 

Wherever your business moving needs take you, Prestige Moving & Storage is here to help. To get a free quote from our experienced Portland office movers, give us a call today or use our convenient online quote form now!