When making a cross-country household move, it’s almost always worth the effort and investment to hire Portland long-distance movers. By leaving the job to the pros, you won’t have to take important time away from your work or family—and you won’t have to worry about corralling all the kids, pets, boxes, and miscellaneous items yourself!

To make your experience with your moving company as smooth as possible, we recommend paying attention to the expert tips below.

1. Book as Early as Possible!

Most families want to move in the summer when kids are out of school and work pressures tend to be lower. But when everyone tries to move at the same time, it’s a lot more likely that moving trucks and crews will be booked to capacity. You’ll either be turned away or will have to settle for a very inconvenient moving day.

Here’s the takeaway: The earlier you can book your move, the better—especially if it’s during high season.

2. Find Reliable Portland Long-Distance Movers

Hiring interstate movers can be a big risk if you haven’t done some basic verification of credentials and licensing.

Any mover that is affiliated with a van line (such as Allied Van Lines) will certainly meet the licensing requirements to transport items across state lines. However, if you are speaking with movers who are not in a van line, you’ll need to ask if they are licensed. It’s a good idea to independently check the licensing number with state and federal authorities, too.

Pro tip: In addition to licensing, check out a variety of customer reviews to validate that your movers are professional and well recommended.

3. Think About Timing (and Storage)

A lot of families focus only on the moving aspect of a move, forgetting to consider storage. But trust us—you don’t want to be in the situation where you’ve never thought about storage until there’s some kind of problem at your new home and you all of a sudden have nowhere to go!

To make sure you’re in good hands in case of unexpected hiccups, be sure to ask your mover about temporary storage and/or longer-term warehousing. This will save you a potential nightmare!

4. Consider Protection for Your Items

By law, all moving companies must provide basic valuation coverage called “Released Value Protection.” With this starter-level coverage, you would be reimbursed for any damage based on the item’s weight—not its replacement value.

Many families opt for a higher level of coverage called “Full Value Protection,” which adds to the cost but can often be a worthwhile investment. Ask your provider about their Full Value Protection options to make sure you have access to the option you prefer.

5. Be Selective About What You Move

Just because your movers could pack and move something doesn’t mean they should! In some cases, it may be better to consider alternatives. For example, you might want to:

  • Pack some items yourself
  • Transport certain smaller valuables yourself (like jewelry or precious metals)—especially if you do not want to purchase Full Value Protection coverage
  • Donate or give away items that are no longer serving you
  • Sell items to recoup costs/avoid the cost of moving

It’s completely up to you what you move and what you don’t. We recommend taking some time to think about this before assuming the movers should handle it all.

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Working with professional Portland long-distance movers is a great first step, but to get the best experience, you should hire only the best! Prestige Moving & Storage has been handling moves in Portland and beyond since the 1960s, and we’re proud to bring the power of Allied Van Lines to every move.

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