If you have ever moved from one home to another, or helped someone else move, you know just how much time, money and energy can be wasted on poor planning and organization. To help save yourself the stress, you will want to make your move as efficient as possible. While there are many ways to do this if you plan on executing the move yourself, one of the best ways to make your move stress-free and efficient is to hire a professional moving company to help.

Hiring professional movers and packers will allow you to be hands-off for the labor-intensive parts of the move. Prestige Moving & Storage, one of Oregon’s most trusted moving companies, can help you plan, pack, and move all of your items as efficiently as possible. Whether you hire a team like ours to pack and unpack your belongings for you, or do it all by yourself, here are some great tricks and tips to help make your packing process a lot more efficient.

Start Collecting Moving Supplies

Once you start to plan your move, you will want to start collecting moving supplies such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and newspaper. You can purchase these new at just about any professional moving company, or you can try to find the best deals to save even more money. While you will most likely not find tape for free, you can ask local supermarkets for boxes, packing paper, and newspapers that they are going to throw away. Most places will give you these items for free just by simply asking.

Use Colored Tape to Color Code Boxes

To help you and your moving team load and unload your boxes quickly, you can color-code your boxes with tape. Colored tape can be used by assigning a certain color to each room and using it to seal up the boxes that contain the items for that room. This will make it easy to locate which boxes go where and can be a fun way to get kids involved in helping you pack.

Take Inventory of Your Most Important Items

During a move, things can get lost, misplaced, or left behind simply due to not knowing exactly what you brought with you. You can combat this by making an inventory list of all of your most important items to ensure they all get packed up and delivered to your new home. A simple checklist of packed and unpacked items will suffice to make sure you have successfully moved all your important items.

Look at Downsizing

There is no better time to downsize your belongings than during a move. Selling or donating any unused or unwanted items that you own can help you not only make some extra money, but it will also mean that you will have to pack less. If you still have too many items to fit in your new home, you can ask about storage solutions that a moving company has to offer.

Let a Professional Moving Company Handle it For You

Finally, the best way to make your move as efficient as can be is to hire a professional moving company. While it may not be in everyone’s budget, a moving company can help you plan out the whole move and make sure that your deadlines are met to keep you focused on work, school, and other more important things.

More importantly, a reputable moving team can pack your belongings for you—making sure your fragile items are professionally wrapped, custom crated, and loaded securely into the moving van or truck. Once the move is made, full-service moving companies like ours at Prestige Moving & Storage will even help you unpack your belongings and set them up inside your home where they belong. 

Professional Moving Solutions In Oregon

Since 1961, Prestige Moving and Storage has built a strong tradition in local, long-distance, and international moving and storage excellence, providing some of the highest quality solutions for customers in the Oregon area. As an agent of Allied Van Lines, we’ve been able to fast-track our growth as a company to reach new heights—with state-of-the-art resources and highly-trained personnel capable of handling even the most complex relocation projects.

To learn more about planning your next move with us, give our team at Prestige Moving & Storage a call now. Or, if you prefer, fill out our online form to request a free, in-home moving estimate and consultation now.