Discovering the environment, unique attractions, and meeting the community of a different city or town during a move can be quite exciting, especially when you’re relocating somewhere that’s truly special. For those moving to the beautiful city of Beaverton, Oregon, a fresh start includes a large range of cultural and recreational opportunities, balanced by a growing economy and surrounded by incredible natural scenery.

Not to mention, there’s no sales tax on items purchased in Beaverton. What could be better than that?

Prestige Moving & Storage is located just about 15 miles away from Beaverton, Oregon. If you’re considering moving to Beaverton, take a look at some of the reasons why this suburb of Portland is quickly becoming one of the most beloved cities in the state.

Close Proximity to Portland

Perhaps the most obvious reason for moving to Beaverton is its proximity to Portland. Beaverton is only minutes away from one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The growth that Portland has experienced can be attributed to many reasons that include:

  • Culture
  • History
  • Art scene
  • Food scene
  • Entertainment
  • Employment

Beaverton is a great compromise for those that need to live near Portland for work and play, but prefer living somewhere quieter, more affordable, and with a more small-town feel. Whether you’re single, planning a family, already married with children or retired, Beaverton can be a great place to call home.

USA’s Silicon Forest: Where Job Opportunities Abound

Situated in what’s known as the Silicon Forest, Beaverton is strategically located near Oregon’s capital city. Part of the reason why this area is known as Silicon Forest is for a large number of innovative technology companies that dominate the region—which includes the entirety of the Portland Metropolitan area. Some notable companies in the area include:

  • Tektronix
  • Maxim Integrated
  • IBM

Additionally, sports fans and people in the sports industries will love to know that Nike was founded and is headquartered in Beaverton, and is the second-largest employer in the city.

Quality Educational Opportunities

If you’re planning a move to Beaverton, there’s great news for residents who are planning on continuing their studies or relocating a family. Beaverton’s public school district is considered one of the best throughout all of Oregon. Additionally, there are a number of top-ranked private schools as well at all levels of K-12 education.

Of course, schooling after high school is important too. Some top post-secondary schools nearby include Northwest College, Portland University, Reed College, and more. No matter what level of schooling you or your family members are at, you can be confident in obtaining a first-rate education in Beaverton.

Impressive Natural Landscapes

With over a hundred beautiful parks throughout the city—along with a couple of wildlife reserves as well—Beaverton, Oregon is a paradise for nature lovers.

Some popular parks you can check out include:

  • Tualatin Hills Nature Park: Features over 200 acres of nature that boasts trails, creeks, ponds, and other beautiful landscapes to discover and enjoy.
  • Cooper Mountain Nature Park: On the outskirts of town you can enjoy views of the forest and the Chehalem Mountains.
  • Fanno Creek Trail: Whether you hike, bike, or run you can find enjoyment with this 4.5-mile long trail. Along with the great exercise, the trail offers visitors with the opportunity to experience a variety of landscapes and parks, with spectacular views from the cliffs.
  • Greenway Park: Combining multiple trails and even featuring a disc golf course, there is plenty of entertainment to be had at this park. Plus, this park is close to wetlands making a perfect area for bird watchers to discover new species of birds.

Easy Commuting Makes Traffic Easy

Actual traffic in the Portland area can be miserable thanks to the number of people going in and out of the city. Fortunately, Beaverton boasts a superb public transit system to make getting stuck in traffic a thing of the past.

Starting in the 1940s, Beaverton started with bus service and has since expanded to include what is known as the MAX line for travel in and out of Portland. In case regular mass transit isn’t your thing, you can also take advantage of the miles and miles of bike lanes to get where you need to go while getting your exercise at the same time.

Moving with Prestige Moving and Storage

If you’re ready to move to Beaverton to take advantage of everything the city has to offer, Prestige Moving & Storage can help. For over 50 years, we’ve been serving the community with top-notch customer service and world-class moving solutions for local, long-distance, and even international relocation and storage needs.

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