Todd Benson, VP of Operations, was recognized for his outstanding work with other Allied agents. Below is his "Better Together" nomination.

Todd Benson, Prestige

"Today one of our drivers was dealing with a unexpected mechanical issue with his tractor. Through a series of missed calls and communication difficulties with our driver,  Todd Benson, VP Operations at Prestige learned of the matter this morning and within one hour he  jumped in to pull together a shuttle crew and a team to load the shipment and bring it back to their warehouse for our driver to load at a later time. This action happened despite a full schedule and  having no trucks available. There was no conversation regarding anything negative or blame, it was only about him seeing a customer that needed a solution fast. This included obtaining a rental truck and somehow pulling a crew together to meet previous commitments made with the customer.  His schedule was at capacity and he worked wonders at pulling this off on a moment's notice. The Bakers (547735) saw nothing but a seamless load today thanks to Todd's involvement.  I believe Todd exemplifies the  true spirit in which the "Better Together "program was created. Thank you very much Todd." - Pat Waters, Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage

Congratulations, Todd!