Hi Barry,

It took quite awhile to get our Comcast internet connection up and running after we moved, otherwise I would have sent you this email sooner.

Your crew that moved us; Casey, Rich, Sam, Roger and  Spencer, are the best! Jill and I want to let you know that we are extremely pleased with their efforts on our behalf. All of these men were professional, friendly, patient, skilled, hard working and great communicators. They all helped take what would otherwise be a stressful and somewhat unpleasant two days and turned it in to a worry free, low key experience.

If these five men are the face that Prestige Moving and Storage presents to the public, then you should not have any concerns about how the public perceives you.

Please let each of these men know how pleased we are with the work they did for us.

We will be moving again in about a year when our new house is completed, and hope we can get this same crew again.

Best Regards,  

Roger Morse