On October 3rd, 2003, Patty began working for Prestige Moving & Storage. Today marks her 10th year anniversary with the company and her service has been an integral factor to the company's success. Patty is the controller for Prestige and handles accounting and human resources. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the office and her positive outlook with work has been contagious with all of her colleagues.

Patty Lending a Helping Hand in the Office Patty Lending a Helping Hand in the Office

"Patty has done a great job for Prestige in handling all financial aspects of our various companies." Mike Larsen, President of Prestige Moving & Storage said. "Her financial acumen has been invaluable." Patty's work ethic and enthusiasm towards work has been valued and appreciated and her financial expertise has been a large contribution to the success of Prestige.