Prestige Moving & Storage would like to acknowledge and congratulate everyone involved in our long haul operations. First and foremost we would like to recognize our long list of long haul drivers including Darren Dixon, Jim Cotter, Brian Landon, Kenny Guilleman, Dave Thoren, Troy Talbot, Steve Johnson, Del Craven, Justin Craven, Joe Cavalante, Craig Williams, Dave Durrett, Christian Miner, Tom Lloyd, Brian Custenborder, Corey Watt, Gary Thompson, and Mike Dobbs. Mike Larsen, the President of Prestige Moving & Storage, described the drivers as the “life blood” of the business. Mike added, “They’re the ones who keep the business moving forward.”

Our drivers’ success can be attributed to Dennis DeVillers, who is responsible for our long haul dispatch. Dennis organizes the drivers’ trips from start to finish using the most time efficient and profitable route. His success with our drivers has been substantial, as it has been the busiest summer since 2007.

A special thank you to all of our long haul drivers and Dennis for all the hard work they have put in this summer!