The following comment was reported by Master Sergeant Ha regarding the delivery of his recent shipment:

"For the TSP who delivered my HHG on 24 July. The entire process was very satisfactory with excellent service from the 3 delivery Gentlemen. They were very courteous, professional, and very helpful. They assisted me and my family through the entire process with no worry on time and energy. The Supervisor informed me of everything that they are obligated to do as far as service and was very informative during the entire moving and administrative process. They were very careful with handling my HHG from the truck into the house and managed not to break anything. I will definitely recommend this TSP and personally this crew to help with my future move and to other friends. Thanks."

We would like to personally thank Master Sergeant Ha for his kind words during his relocation from Hawaii to Colorado and we look forward to giving future military customers similar experiences!